Conference topics

With the law D.M. 9-5-2007 it was introduced in Italy too the possibility of facing fire safety with engineering methods that allow to exit from the “cage” of prescriptive rules.

However, the 6-page document does not provide elements that can practically be applied.


With the following prescriptions of the PM on 17th July 2007 and 31st March 2008, this situation did not change appreciably.


With the D.M. 3-8-2015 the concept of engineering approach is resumed. Some indications are given for the application.


Are these indications sufficient to deal responsibly, knowingly, with fire safety for people’s lives and property?

The question will be answered during the conference by highly qualified speakers from universities where degree courses in fire safety engineering have been established for some time.


Specific topic


The science of fire
Interpretation of fire-related phenomena in the light of science and engineering (fire engineering), also with reference to the fire resistance of the structures.


Fire dynamics
How the fire in the tunnels develops and spreads, how the forces acting in the tunnels
regulate the movement of smoke even in large volumes.


Enclosed car parks: recent studies
Applications of Fire Safety Engineering to enclosed car parks.


Evacuation from tall buildings, possible solutions. Use of elevators.


Chairman: Alfio Pini

Introduction: Diego Sartorello


  • h 9.00 – 09.30
    Registration of participants and welcome coffee break
  • h 10.00
    CONGRESS opening

Institutional greetings


The following interventions will be in English with simultaneous interpretation:


  • h 10.30 – 11.20
    Prof. RICHARD CARVEL – Tunnels: Understanding fire dynamics and designing appropriate fire safety systems.
  • h 11.20 – 12.10
    Prof. MICHAEL SPEARPOINT – Fire safety engineering application to enclosed car parks: recent studies.
  • h 12.10 – 13.00
    Prof. BJÖRN KARLSSON – The Basic Physics Behind Smoke Control.


  • h 13.00 – 14.30
    Lunch buffet


  • h 14.30 – 15.20
    Eng. GABRIELE VIGNE – Smoke Control Design in large-volume spaces: theoretical and experimental studies.
  • h 15.20 – 16.10
    Prof. ENRICO RONCHI – Evacuation from high-rise & tall buildings: critical aspects and tools to mitigate them.


  • h 16.10 – 16.40
    Coffee break


  • h 16.40 – 17.30
    Prof. GUILLERMO REIN – FSE: the key role of fire science.


  • h 17.30 – 18.00
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