Who we are

Who we are

Venice F.S.E. (venicefse.org) was born from the vision of the ingg. Domenico Rossi and Diego Sartorello with the precious collaboration of the Italian Fire Prevention Association which provides the organization office through the association Teknomedia Edizioni S.r.l.

The mission of Venice F.S.E. is to spread the culture of Fire Engineering in the Veneto Region and in Italy in order to fill the cultural gap that the lack of degree courses has generated in the Italian engineering faculties.

Ing. Domenico Rossi

A freelancer active in the engineering and fire protection sectors, he is the coordinator of the Fire Prevention Commission of the Order of Engineers of Venice and a member of the fire prevention commission of the FOIV (Federation of Engineer Orders of Veneto).

With over 20 years of experience in engineering plant design and fire engineering, he teaches colleagues, writes technical articles in several magazines and faces the problems of public and private clients.

Ing. Diego Sartorello

A freelancer and dean of the Order of Engineers of Venice in the field of fire protection, he was a member of the UNI working group on fire detection and he is a member of the technical committee UNI 011 / GL07 “Fire safety engineering”. Member of the Fire Prevention Commission of the Order of Engineers of Venice, he designs fire engineering solutions for public and private clients, lectures and writes technical in-depth articles for industry professionals.

The PREVINCENTINCENDITALIA Association started its activity in 2004, developing the concept of training = professionalism. PREVINCENTINCIA ITALY’s training activities are developed on several fronts and specifically dedicated to fire-fighting professionals, installers and fire-fighting maintenance workers.